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 Distinctive camouflage

These days it seems like everyone is rushing to implement camouflage solutions based on only a handful of popular paradigms. As a result, modern camouflage patterns are starting to look alike — and so are the soldiers who wear them.

Trends notwithstanding, the ability to distinguish friend from foe is just as relevant today as it ever was. That's why Roggenwolf® develops camouflage solutions like Warg™ — a family of camouflage patterns with outstanding effect and a distinctive look.

Photograph courtesy Pimps N Mercs. Reproduced by permission.

A good camouflage pattern conceals warfighters in typical operating environments; that goes without saying. However, my own military experience taught me that a really good camouflage pattern also helps warfighters distinguish friend from foe.

It was with both goals in mind that I started to develop my own paradigms, techniques and colourways in August 2005. Informed by my own understanding and experience of human visual perception, a typical Roggenwolf® camouflage solution unites features that are designed to delay detection with features that are designed to delay recognition. Many of my camouflage patterns can also be augmented by Dwimor™ — a proprietary innovation, which challenges the ability of the unaided eye to focus on elements within the design.

My ideas about camouflage design are fully realised in Roggenwolf® Warg™. This family of patterns provides good personal concealment across a range of operating environments because it combines a large-scale macropattern with a small-scale micropattern, Dwimor™ and co-ordinated colourways. Because it is based upon principles that were developed from scratch, it is also distinctive enough to create an identity of appearance that can help warfighters distinguish friend from foe.

Warg(SR)™ is a recent addition to the Warg™ family of patterns. It's an experimental design, which was created to see how well my paradigms and techniques work with commercial textile printing processes. I'm happy to say that the results are good.

Like most Roggenwolf® camouflage patterns, Warg(SR)™ can be adapted to different operating environments by the application of co-ordinating colourways. Warg(SR) 5U™ utilises the same colourway that New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) recently determined works extremely well in jungle, woodland and urban settings. In field trials conducted in 2011, it even came out ahead of Britain's new MTP camouflage.

August 2013 — Warg(SR)™, in full shade with no cover (bush/woodland)

Photo: WARG(SR) 5U™, in full shade with no cover (bush/woodland)

Photograph © Brad Turner 2013.

August 2013 — Warg(SR) 5U™, in dappled sunlight with sparse cover (mangrove swamp)

Photo: WARG(SR) 5U™, in dappled sunlight with sparse cover (mangrove swamp)

Photograph © Brad Turner 2013.

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