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 Effective camouflage

An effective camouflage pattern conceals its wearer in typical operating environments. To be effective, it must embody features that deceive multiple aspects of human visual perception.

Roggenwolf® Warg(SR)™ does this by combining a large-scale macropattern with a small-scale micropattern and co-ordinated colourways. Its effect is enhanced by Dwimor™ — a proprietary innovation that challenges the ability of the human eye to focus on the design.

Photograph courtesy Pimps N Mercs. Reproduced by permission.

Suppliers of military apparel, personal protection systems and weapon carriage systems often need new camouflage patterns in a hurry. Imitating recent trends is an easy solution to the problem, but licensing a unique pattern from Roggenwolf® could be a better solution.

Since 2005, Roggenwolf® has designed and developed camouflage solutions for several end-users. Past projects include a commission from Robmos Ltd (PNG) Defence Industries to develop RDI–Roggenwolf Generation 2 Kumul Pattern™ camouflage, for Papua New Guinea Defence Force (PNGDF); a commission from Adina S.R.L. to develop the Dacia™ camouflage pattern, for the Romanian Armed Forces (Forţele Armate Române); and a commission from Yakka Apparel Solutions Ltd (NZ) to develop Ryewolf™ camouflage for New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF).

As a result of ongoing research and development, Roggenwolf® has many camouflage patterns available to license immediately. One of them is the Warg™ family of patterns, which provide excellent personal concealment across a range of operating environments.

Warg(SR)™ is a recent addition to the family. It is an experimental camouflage pattern, which was created to see how well my ideas about camouflage design can be adapted to typical textile printing processes. I'm happy to say that the results are good.

Like most Roggenwolf® camouflage patterns, Warg(SR)™ can be adapted to different operating environments by the application of co-ordinating colourways. Warg(SR) 5U™ utilises the same colourway that New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) recently determined works extremely well in jungle, woodland and urban settings. In field trials conducted in 2011, it even came out ahead of Britain's new MTP camouflage.

August 2013 — Warg(SR) 5U™, in partial shade with moderate cover

Photo: WARG(SR) 5U™, in partial with moderate cover

Photograph © Brad Turner 2013.

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