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About Ryewolf™

Doesn't it look great! Really plays havoc on the eye, even in our office environment.

Philippa Denby
Research & Development Manager
Yakka Apparel Solutions (NZ)

In April 2011, Roggenwolf® was advised that New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) was looking to update its DPM Combat Uniform. Part of the plan was to implement a new camouflage pattern that could work across multiple operating environments. I was asked if I would be interested in submitting a proposal. Naturally I was.

The initial submission was received by Yakka Apparel Solutions (NZ) on 19 May 2011. Within a week, I was told that one of my camouflage designs — Ryewolf R2™ — would continue to the next stage. Six metres of fabric were printed, and trial garments were cut and sewn.

April 2011 — Ryewolf R2™, loaded with its original Intermediate colourway

Graphic: Example of RYEWOLF R2™ with Intermediate colourway

© Brad Turner 2011.

Recognition testing was conducted around Waiouru, in a variety of terrains: jungle, forest, open country tussock, sandy and urban. The disruptive effect of Ryewolf R2™ was good enough that it passed another down-select. My submission had gone from being one among 12 contenders to being one among five.

However, the colourway was not ideal. Based on feedback and photos from Waiouru, I decided that my 'Timberwolf' colourway — which was first developed for Roggenwolf® Warg™ — could be a better solution. A few variations were proposed; prints and fabric were sent; garments were made; and by the end of November 2011, Ryewolf R2™ (top) was running neck-and-neck with only one other design: HyperStealth's Multi-Terrain Camouflage (MTC).

Regular visitors to the Predator Intelligence blog and Soldier Systems Daily will already know that MTC ultimately won the race. They will also know that the final selection was based on aesthetic appeal; additional testing revealed only minor differences in camouflage effect.

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