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 Versatile camouflage

An effective camouflage pattern conceals its wearer in typical operating environments. To be effective, it must embody features that deceive multiple aspects of human visual perception.

Roggenwolf® Warg(SR)™ does this by combining a large-scale macropattern with a small-scale micropattern and co-ordinated colourways. Its effect is enhanced by Dwimor™ — a proprietary innovation that challenges the ability of the human eye to focus on the design.

Photograph © Brad Turner 2013.

As a result of ongoing research and development, Roggenwolf® has many camouflage patterns available to license immediately. One of them is the Warg™ family of patterns, which provide excellent personal concealment across a range of operating environments.

Warg(SR)™ is a recent addition to the family. It is an experimental camouflage pattern, which was created to see how well my ideas about camouflage design can be adapted to typical textile printing processes. It was also a means to discover more about the logistics of producing camouflage uniforms, in general.

I'm happy to say that the results are good. But the really good news, for fans of Roggenwolf® camouflage, is that I shall soon have 80 sets of Warg(SR) 5U™ that are surplus to my needs. I have decided to make these surplus sets available to purchase.

Because it is a small run, there won't be a comprehensive range of sizes and lengths. The following tables show the sizes that will be available, as well as the quantities of each.

Table 1 — Warg(SR) 5U™ men's jackets. Prices and availability subject to change without notice.
Sizes Prices Quantities
US Letter Chest (cm) AU EU UK US
S 92 36 46 36 36 TBA 8
M 102 40 50 40 40 TBA 20
L 112 44 54 44 44 TBA 24
XL 122 48 58 48 48 TBA 20
XXL 132 52 62 52 52 TBA 8
Table 2 — Warg(SR) 5U™ men's pants. Prices and availability subject to change without notice.
Sizes Prices Quantities
US Letter Waist (cm) AU EU UK US
S 77 30 46 30 30 TBA 8
M 87 34 50 34 34 TBA 20
L 97 38 54 38 38 TBA 24
XL 107 42 58 42 42 TBA 20
XXL 117 46 62 46 46 TBA 8
Table 3 — Warg(SR) 5U™ bush hats. Prices and availability subject to change without notice.
Sizes Prices Quantities
US Letter Inches Metric US
XS 21¼ 54 TBA 8
S 22 56 7 TBA 28
M 23¼ 58 TBA 28
L 23½ 60 TBA 16

Because the costs haven't been finalised, the prices are yet to be determined. Updates will be posted here, as well as on the Roggenwolf® Pty Limited Facebook page. Alternatively, you can contact Roggenwolf® directly; but whatever you do — stay tuned.

'Roggenwolf', 'Deception you can trust', 'Dwimor', 'Warg', 'Warg(SR)', 'Warg(SR) 5U' and the Rād device are trade marks or registered trade marks of Brad Turner.

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